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So, I finally got better pictures courtesy of my good friend Ronald Andrew Llenado (even better ones to come) and redid my whole website.

If you want to read about these, you can here!

In this post I will put a basic rundown:

I can really do any design on various kinds of clothing, including things like hoodies and shoes. However, I haven’t got any pictures of those yet, so contact me and we can work things out I’m sure about a quote and ideas.

But if you want jeans like in my picture, I can do male or female (or non-binary but I don’t think you guys have a designated size yet, so whatever fits you) in just about any color. Obviously tighter jeans work better than baggy and close to the color you want. It’s safest to send me the jeans you want painted because I CANNOT accept returns on custom items, I apologize.


Base B/W armor/design is ~$150 (if you want a very complex design like chainmail, this may go up)

Each additional color is $10. If we are talking halo armor, if you wanted a solid color or accent other than black, white or grey, it would be $160. If you want a color with color accents (think North/South in RvB) that would be $170. I am also trying to get my hands on glow/reflective paint I could add to the “lights”, which would be $10 in its own.

If you want me to buy the jeans, it will be an additional $30, though I do HIGHLY suggest sending me your (washed) jeans, this way you know they fit and you only have to pay to ship them out to me.

One day I will likely have enough money to do a few runs of basic designs to sell retail but right now they are made-to-order.

Remember, these are fully custom! I can make them as dingy looking as you want or unscratched. I can add little personal bits within reason.

Contact me here, on facebook or at my website for questions or orders!

Oh man I would love a pair of jeans like this

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